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Elder Law Today Podcast #1 What is Elder Law? Special Needs Planning with Guest Matthew Glass

In the debut of his podcast, Elder Law Today, Yale Hauptman, a practicing New Jersey elder law attorney, explains what elder law is and how an elder law attorney can be a valuable counselor to seniors and their families.  Learn how elder law differs from traditional estate planning.  A will, while important, addresses only one scenario, what happens when one dies.  Elder law, however, encompasses so much more, what can be termed life planning or long term care planning.  In other words, what happens if I don’t die, but instead have a lengthy illness, need increased care, (ie. home care, assisted living, or nursing home care) and do not have the funds to pay for it indefinitely.

Yale discusses the need to have a plan in place, one that includes the necessary documents (ie. power of attorney, health care directive, will, trust) but also brings the family together to work towards a common goal of assisting the senior family member to tackle head on the legal and social issues associated with aging and navigating through the maze of laws and available government benefits.

In the second segment, Yale interviews his first guest, Matthew Glass, a certified special needs advisor.  Matthew explains how he assists young families with special needs children.  Yale and Matthew then discuss how special needs planning will increase in frequency as parents age and are faced with their own long term care needs.  Because that care is expensive, without proper planning they may be forced to spend most or all of their assets on their own care, leaving nothing for their children with special needs.  A specifically tailored plan, usually involving a special needs trust, can avoid this drastic result and provide peace of mind to families.

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