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Elder Law Today Podcast #3 Live Call in

In the third installment of his podcast, Elder Law Today, Yale Hauptman, a practicing New Jersey elder law attorney, answers listenersâ questions by phone and email. Yale corrects common misconceptions people have about some of the basic legal issues facing seniors today. For example, Yale explains that making gifts up to the annual gift tax exclusion amount will carry a Medicaid transfer penalty. Yale explains what probate is and why you donât necessarily have to fear and avoid it.

Learn why it is a good idea to have a will and not rely on a stateâs intestacy laws to distribute your assets. Is it a good idea for a parent to transfer his/her home to the children? Yale discusses the pros and cons to consider from a Medicaid, tax and long term care perspective.

Yale answers a callerâs question on a little known Veterans Administration benefit that can provide much needed additional monthly income to be used for home care and assisted living care. These are just some of the topics covered in a very informative and enlightening evening.

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