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Elder Law Today Show #5 VA Aid and Attendance – The Best Kept Secret in Long Term Care

In the fifth installment of his podcast, Elder Law Today, Yale Hauptman, takes Elder Law Today on the road to a Caregiving Symposium he spoke at recently. Yale interviews a geriatric care manager, a contractor who makes modifies homes for the elderly and other vendors who attended the symposium about the variety of services they provide to the elderly.

In the second segment Yale discusses in greater depth the Veterans Administration Aid and Attendance program, which provides wartime veterans and their spouses who qualify, as much as $1800 per month of additional income which can help pay for home based care and assisted living care. Learn the details of this little known program and whyso many people have been incorrectly told by the VA that they donât or canât qualify. Yale talks about terms such as income for Veteran Administration purposes and unreimbursed medical expenses and why they donât mean what you might think.

Listen to Yale explain the income and asset levels that must be met and how they differ from those of Medicaid. Yale cautions that in taking the steps necessary to obtain the VA benefit you must be careful not to leave yourself ineligible for other government benefit programs such as Medicaid that might be needed further down the road of what Yale refers to as the elder care journey. Yale explains how it is possible to preserve eligibility for both programs. This is definitely a program you wonât want to miss.
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