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Elder Law Today Podcast Show #9 Planning Needs of Elderly Parent with Disabled Adult Child

In show number 9 of his podcast, Elder Law Today, practicing elder law attorney, Yale Hauptman welcomes as his guest Lauren J. Siegel, a registered nurse and certified life care planner. Lauren explains how she is typically brought into lawsuits brought by parents of disabled minor children and asked to devise a plan of care covering the various needs that the child may have over his/her life.

Yale and Lauren then discuss how this same planning is just as important to elderly parents of adult disabled children. Parents must address care issues for those children after they pass away and how to fund it. Yale points out that any assets intended to fund that care must be properly set aside while the parent is healthy or risk being spent down entirely for the parentâs long term care needs, leaving
nothing for the child’s needs. Lauren offers some suggestions for parents to consider.

Yale also introduces a new “In the News” segment. He discusses a recent Pennsylvania court case that highlights the need to be specific in a power of attorney as to what gifting powers are given to an agent. He also discusses a recent Connecticut case in which a child was held responsible financially to pay momâs nursing bill when he failed to immediately provide all information and documents necessary to complete her application for Medicaid benefits. Yale also updates listeners on a bill introduced in Congress to extend the federal estate exemption amount to $3,500,000 for 2010 and beyond and highlights the continuing trend by employers to provide services to their employees who are caring for elderly parents and loved ones.

This 9th show is packed with important information that anyone who is elderly
or caring for, or concerned about, an elderly loved one, wonât
want to miss.

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