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Elder Law Today Podast Show #14 Married Couple – Crisis Long Term Care Planning

So after listening to Show 13 you’re thinking, we should have taken action immediately after Dad’s diagnosis but didn’t so now what do we do? In the 14th installment of his audio podcast, Yale Hauptman discusses just that scenario, crisis planning.  Although the picture is more complicated all hope is not lost.  Yale discusses some of the options still available to families, but timing is a key.

Yale explains how the home as an exempt asset under Medicaid rules can be used to help the healthy spouse preserve more than the maximum otherwise allowable under Medicaid rules. That could include buying a bigger house or making improvements on a current home. Learn why a reverse mortgage now is replacing a home equity loan or line of credit as the only option in crisis planning for many families. Yale also discusses ways to pay down debt that benefits the healthy spouse and other ways to help preserve hard earned money for the community spouse, who just won’t be left with much under current Medicaid rules without creative planning.

Be sure to tune in for a concise 10 minute discussion of Medicaid crisis planning that will give you an overview of what still is possible, even if you have failed to early action, but time is running out.

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