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Elder Law Podcast Show #17 Why Do I Need a Will

The law allows every person to distribute property according to their wishes by a written instrument known as a Last Will. However, many people never execute one and miss that opportunity, the consequences of which can be devastating to loved ones.

In Show 17 of his monthly elder law podcast, Yale Hauptman, a practicing elder law attorney, discusses what can go wrong without a will. Each state has a set of laws that predetermines how assets will pass where there is no will, known as intestacy. That may not, however, be what you want. For example, assets may be left outright to heirs who shouldn’t or can’t handle the money or may end up in the wrong people’s hands.

Yale also discusses the difficult issues involved in second marriages where each spouse has different heirs who they wish to leave their estate. Without proper planning that won’t happen. Ownership of real estate in another state can also present a problem without planning. The bottom line is that without a carefully drawn plan your intentions and desire may not be carried out.

Tune in to learn what you need to do to safeguard yourself and your loved ones.

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