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2022 VA Aid and Attendance Numbers

In this week’s post I will review the updated numbers for 2022 for the VA program that provides a benefit to wartime veterans and their spouses.  Known as the VA Aid and Attendance program, this benefit provides a special pension to eligible applicants who need long term care.

The maximum pension amount is tied to the same cost of living adjustment as Social Security.  For a single veteran with no dependents the maximum pension one can receive goes up to $2050 per month.  For a married veteran the maximum for 2022 will be $2431.  For a widowed spouse who needs care the 2022 max will be $1318 per month.

The Aid and Attendance program is a needs based benefit.  This means that to be eligible one must meet a financial test.  Different than Medicaid, the VA uses a net worth test.  It calculates the applicant’s (in the case of a married couple both spouse’s) annual income and adds that to the countable assets.  This is known as the net worth.  For 2022 the net worth must be no more than $138,489 to qualify for this benefit.

Existing VA A&A recipients should have received a letter from the VA informing them of the new amount they will receive which is actually effective 12/1/21.