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Voice Cloning Scam – Part 2

In my post last week I told you about a financial scam involving artificial intelligence (AI).  This type of imposter scam is expected to result in losses approaching $2.6 billion.  As I explained, voice cloning has become very easy to do with technological advances. 

A distressed call from a family member can sound authentic.  There are, however, some easy things that we all can do to protect ourselves from falling prey to these scams.  For one thing, just being more aware helps to be on a heightened alert to be able to spot a scam.

If someone calls asking for money or any personal information be skeptical.  Don’t get caught up in the story why because there always must be some story explaining why you should comply with the request even if it is made by someone you think you know.  

You need to verify what you are hearing.  But how?  You might think that caller ID would be sufficient. Unfortunately just because caller ID shows a call coming from my granddaughter doesn’t necessarily mean anything. That can be faked as well.  I can, however place a call to my granddaughter’s cellphone number.  If she anwers the phone and says she did not call me then I know I’ve identified a potential scam.