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2024 VA Aid and Attendance Numbers

In this week’s post I will review the updated numbers for 2024 for the VA program that provides a benefit to wartime veterans and their spouses.  Known as the VA Aid and Attendance program, this benefit provides a special pension to eligible applicants who need long term care.

The maximum pension amount is tied to the same cost of living adjustment as Social Security, which for 2024 is 3.2%. For a single veteran with no dependents the maximum pension one can receive goes up to $2300 per month.  For a married veteran the maximum for 2024 will be $2727.  For a widowed spouse who needs care the 2024 maximum will be $1478 per month.

The Aid and Attendance program is a needs based benefit.  This means that to be eligible one must meet a financial test.  Different than Medicaid, the VA uses a net worth test.  It calculates the applicant’s (in the case of a married couple both spouse’s) annual income and adds that to the countable assets.  This is known as the net worth.  For 2024 the net worth must be no more than $155,356 to qualify for this benefit.

Existing VA A&A recipients should have received a letter from the VA informing them of the new amount they will receive which is actually effective 12/1/23.