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The Consumer’s Guide to Special Needs Planning

consumersguidegifWhile we are all living longer and facing issues of long term care and how to pay for it, people with special needs are living longer as well. If you are a parent of an adult child with special needs have you considered what will happen to that child when you pass away? Do either of these questions keep you up at night, “Where will my child live?” or “ Who will financially support and/or manage my child’s finances and care?”

My Free Report, The Consumer’s Guide to Special Needs Planning will reveal why aging parents of adult children with special needs must protect their children and their assets before they- the parents – start to need long term care and what steps you should be taking now.

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ABLE vs. SNT (Part 2)

       Last week I was telling you about a call I received about the benefits of an Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) account vs. a special needs trust (SNT).  Joan called about her sister Mary, who is receiving an inheritance from their uncle’s estate.  Mary is in […]

Getting a Money Settlement While on Government Benefits (Part 2)

                Last week I outlined for you a common call I receive from attorneys who have successfully obtained money recoveries for clients who are currently receiving or may in the future need government benefits.  Special needs trusts have become more widely known in recent years and recognized as “the solution”.  […]

Important Change to Special Needs Trust Law

                 In 1993 Congress enacted a law commonly referred to as OBRA 1993.  The law contained major changes to the Medicaid laws.  Included in the law was a provision permitting the creation of a special needs trust for disabled individuals under the age of 65, into which could be placed […]