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Elder Law Podcast Show #7 Seniors and their Home

In the seventh installment of his podcast, Elder Law Today, Yale Hauptman focuses on seniors and their home. Sometimes the senior
canât stay at home any longer. Yale discusses with Dan Yanofski, the owner of Elite Realtors of New Jersey, some of the
challenges he faces in helping seniors sell their homes. Dan shares his opinions on how to make a home more marketable when it is a bit outdated and the two talk about when is the best time to sell.

For others, staying at home is still a viable option, but some assistance in needed. Yale sits down with Murray Goldsmith, of Spectrum Home Services, whose company, among other services, provides assistance to senior homeowners in making their home a safer place to live. Murray and Yale go from room to room as Murray explains how, in some cases, relatively small modifications can make it easier and safer for a senior to navigate through his/her home and help minimize the risk of a life changing accident.

Yale also takes time to answer listener emails on such topics as whether a power of attorney can be too old, the advantages and disadvantages of making a child a co-owner on a parentâs bank account and whether Medicaid or the nursing home can take your home away from you.  Another information packed show that you wonât want to miss.

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