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Adult Day Care as an Alternative

Adult Day Care is a wonderful alternative for families struggling with the care of an aging or disabled parent, spouse or loved one.  Adult Day Care centers can also provide supervision and assistance each day for a senior who is not quite ready for assisted living or long term care.

Each center has a staff of trained health care professionals, including registered nurses and therapists, to help those members with complex physical or psychological problems and needs.  Adult Day Care centers provide a structured program that includes a variety of health, social and supportive services in a safe, protective environment.

Services are provided during daytime hours allowing caregivers the peace of mind they need to continue working or simply providing them with a much needed respite so theyâre able to face the challenges of day to day care giving.

            Members of Adult Day Care centers can look forward to a variety of challenging, interesting and entertaining activities each day.  Their caregivers can feel confident that excellent medical and therapeutic care will be provided by an experienced staff of healthcare professionals.  Most centers provide a light breakfast or morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack.  Operating hours can vary but most centers operate during standard working hours, Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm.  Some centers have extended hours are open on weekends and holidays.

            For those individuals who meet the requirements, Medicaid, Veterans Administration and other funded programs cover adult day care services.  Long term care insurance policies may also cover the cost of adult day care centers so it is important to examine your policy carefully.