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New Jersey Medicaid – The Basics

As New Jersey elder law attorneys, a large percentage of the inquiries we receive from families with a loved one dealing with Alzheimer’s, dementia or other incurable long term illnesses in the Northern New Jersey area, concern the various Medicaid programs that cover long term care.

Contrary to popular belief, Medicaid is not one monolithic program.  It is actually a series of programs that provide different levels of benefits, depending upon the particular program.   While many of the same rules govern each program there are also some very important differences from program to program.

Over the next several weeks we will answer some of the most common questions clients and prospects have regarding New Jersey’s Medicaid programs.   I will continue to send my Monday morning emails but will be updating our blog more frequently than once a week.  If you’d like to be added to our email list, you can sign up on our website home page.  Click on the button that says “Elder Law Blog”.  For more information on New Jersey Medicaid, email us at and type in  “Consumer’s Guide to New Jersey Medicaid” and we’ll email you our Consumer’s Guide in pdf format.