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Is There Any Government Benefits I am Not Aware of? Part 1

                In this week’s post I want to talk about a common question I get about government benefits.  “Is there any benefit my family member can get that I am not aware of?”  In other words, “am I missing anything”?  I can certainly understand the reason for the questions, however, it really is looking at things from the wrong direction.

                Here’s what I mean.  When you are trying to manage the care of a loved one and pay for it all, the first question is, “what does that person need”?  Once I know that, I can then look to see what benefits might be available that would match the need.  Th analysis is going to be focused on what the person needs in the way of care or treatment.

                Recently I had someone ask me whether his dad was entitled to any benefits because he is a disabled Veteran.  Dad is in a nursing home and on Medicaid.  “What about the VA Aid and Attendance benefit”, he asked me.  “I heard Dad can get $1800 a month as a Korean war veteran, which could give him some additional income.”

                When I asked the son what he thought his dad needs were, he wasn’t sure.  He did not have anything specifically in mind.  He just wanted to know if his dad is entitled to the benefit and if so why not apply for it.  Next week I’ll share with you what I told him.