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In this third post on Medicaid redeterminations, I explain changes that occur after Medicaid is approved that cause problems when it comes time for a Medicaid redetermination. One change is an expected or unexpected sum of money received by the Medicaid recipient.  This could be because of an inheritance, personal injury settlement

In this week’s post, I continue to discuss a common fact pattern we see in our office.  The case involves someone who needs long term care, doesn’t have enough to pay for it but does have a house.  As I explained last week, the available government benefit programs don’t always cover the

In last week’s post I explained that when the non-Medicaid spouse dies, the Medicaid spouse must receive at least a minimum amount of assets from the deceased spouse.  This is known as the elective share and in New Jersey is determined to be 1/3 of the deceased spouse’s estate less what