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Another Home Based Medicaid Option – Part 3

In the final post of 3, this week I again discuss the Personal Preference Program, a home based Medicaid program.  As I explained last week, once an applicant is approved through the usual Medicaid application process, a consultant is assigned to the case to determine a budget that is then used for the services, support and goods that will enable the Medicaid recipient to complete his or her activities of daily living.

So what exactly can PPP pay for?  It can cover the hiring of individuals to perform personal assistance (ie. a home aide).  This person can even be a family member or neighbor.  The aide need not be hired thru a licensed home health agency, although an agency can work as well.  The program can also pay for cleaning services, errand services, laundry services, equipment, small appliances and technology that increase the Medicaid recipient’s independence.  Examples include a microwave oven or a washing machine to name a few.

Funds can also be used for transportation of the Medicaid recipient and his or her employees and the purchase and installation of vehicular modifications that are related to achieving accessibility.  The purchase and installation of environmental modifications are permitted expenses as well.

As with most government programs there are a myriad of rules and reporting requirements.  Approval before purchase is required as well as invoices and receipts.  When hiring aides, timesheets must be kept, taxes paid and labor laws complied with.  In other words, the Medicaid recipient becomes the employer of any aides (unless hired thru an agency) and must make all payments and filings as required by federal and state law.

There is also a detailed list of goods and services for which funds from the PPP program may not be used as well as other rules and regulations that if not followed could result in expulsion from the program.  As long as one pays attention to these requirements, however, the PPP program gives recipients the ability to tailor available goods and services to fit their individual needs.  For more information, the State has set up a PPP Helpline which can be reached at 609-631-2481.