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Another Medicaid Cautionary Tale – Part 1

We received a call some weeks ago from a caller named John, whose mother was in a nursing facility.  He had attempted several times to qualify her for Medicaid.  Each attempt was unsuccessful.  After the last unsuccessful attempt he took his mother home to “regroup”. 

John called our office when he received a summons and complaint filed on behalf of the facility seeking payment of unpaid bills totaling approximately $100,000.  I explained that we don’t handle these types of lawsuits.  Rather, we file Medicaid applications on behalf of our clients.

John then asked me whether, in my opinion, he could be held responsible for the unpaid bills.  He told me that the facility had told him what to provide to Medicaid and never said anything about the unpaid bills while he was working thru the application process for Medicaid.

He also asked me whether I could handle an appeal  of the most recent denial of benefits and get Medicaid to cover his mother’s care  dating back to when she applied.

Next week I’ll share with you what I told him.