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Of Alzheimer’s Disease and Government Shutdowns

 A new survey by the MetLife Foundation  indicates that Alzheimer’s Disease is more feared by adult Americans than any other disease except cancer – and in a few years that just might change.  Approximately 1000 Americans were interviewed last fall.  31% indicated they most feared Alzheimer’s Disease, ahead of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.  41% said they most feared cancer.  Interestingly, 4 years earlier 38% said they feared cancer most vs. 20% for Alzheimer’s.  With babyboomers entering retirement, presumably the gap will continue to close.  The survey also confirmed some other suspicions.

 Nearly 1 in 4 interviewed said they were concerned about needing to provide long term care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s.  Less than 1 in 5 said they had made any plans for the possibility of getting Alzheimer’s.  Only 2 in 5 people said they have had discussions with their families about Alzheimer’s.  4 in 5 adults admitted that they have made no financial arrangements for the cost of care should they develop the disease.  And here’s one final stat.  63% of those surveyed  acknowledged they know little or nothing about Alzheimer’s Disease.

 One thing is clear.  While the average American is concerned, he/she is not doing anything about it.  The problem isn’t going away and will only continue to intensify.  The government isn’t going to help either if this week’s developments are any indication.  Congress and the President only avoided a government shut down at the 11th hour  when they reached tentative agreement on federal budget cuts.  The message is clear.  You’ve got to look out for yourself and your family.  Others won’t do it for you.  To start taking action, visit our website