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Readers of my blog know that I have written often of the need to plan ahead because nobody, especially the government, is going to bail you out.  The last round of changes to the Medicaid program were made more than 5 years ago and have had a dire impact on

Many of the stories I tell are from clients and prospects that call our office.  This one is more personal, about our marketing director, Amy’s grandparents, Julius and Julia.  Julius was a World War II veteran who died in 1986.  Julia lived independently until 2003, when at age 83 she

Tying up legal loose ends is so important.   Mary and John had been divorced 15 years ago.  They had split their assets, with John keeping his retirement account and Mary keeping the house.  John now needs nursing home care.  “It shouldn’t be a problem”, I told Mary.  “He’ll need to