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New Medicaid and VA Figures for 2019

       The cost of living adjustment for 2019 for many of the government programs that affect our clients’ lives has been announced so here they are.

       For 2019, the Social Security Administration announced that Social Security recipients will receive an increase of 2.8%, which is greater than the 2.0% increase last year. Because Medicaid and the VA Aid and Attendance program adjustments are tied to the same percentage increase, this means that those benefits will also increase by the same 2.8%.

       The Medicaid income cap will go up to $2313 per month. This number is the limit on income per month needed to qualify for most Medicaid programs. For Medicaid recipients whose income exceeds this limit a Qualified Income Trust (commonly known as a Miller Trust) must be used to achieve and maintain eligibility.

       VA Aid and Attendance pension benefits will also increase by 2.8% in 2018. This means that a single veteran can receive a maximum of $1881 per month, a married veteran can receive as much as $2229 per month and the widowed spouse of a veteran tops out at $1208 per month in VA Aid and Attendance benefit.