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Possible Long Term Care Insurance Legislation on the Horizon? (Part 2)

                In my post last week, I talked about new legislation that is still in the drafting phase but that may be the next government attempt to provide a long term care benefit to Americans.  The last attempt, known as the CLASS Act, was a voluntary program.  This new program looks like it would be […]

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End of the World? Fat Chance

I was talking to Warren the other day about long term care and he said – jokingly, I think – that he didn’t need to plan because the end of the world was coming, October 21 to be specific.  Usually, I hear people say that the government will bail them out.  This was a slightly […]

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The Death of CLASS

I’m not talking about a loss of manners or style or discretion in a world in which technology has helped push the doors open wide to reveal everything that used to be private or personal.  That’s a whole other subject.  I’m referring to CLASS, President Obama’s attempt to establish a national long term care insurance […]

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Obamacare – What Seniors Need to Know (Part 2)

So, last week we were discussing the highlights of President Obama’s health care plan  that most affect seniors.  The closing of the infamous prescription drug donut hole is one.  But there are others.  Beginning in 2011 Medicare Advantage plans will have to reduce members’ out of pocket expenses for some more costly services and for […]

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