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In my post last week I began to tell you about a real estate sale that we were asked to help finalize because the deceased owner’s estate administration process had never been completed.  Actually, the person who inherited ownership had also died as did the person who inherited it from that

                This week’s post is the last of 3 on New Jersey’s tax waiver.  Last week I showed you how a small bequest in a will to a non-Class A beneficiary will trigger the need to file an inheritance tax return.  I also said, however, that in some instances a

                In my post last week, I referred to New Jersey’s tax waiver.  It is an often misunderstood process designed to insure that the State receives the appropriate amount of taxes when someone dies.  As I explained, New Jersey’s estate tax was phased out as of 2018 but we still

                As I have written in previous posts, New Jersey did away with its estate tax in 2018.  This was part of a compromise between the state legislature and then Governor Christie who agreed to an increase in New Jersey’s gasoline tax.  I have also pointed out that we still