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More Than Just Power of Attorney

            More often than not, the calls we receive in our office concerning a long term care crisis are made by one or more of the adult children of the senior in failing health.  We ask whether there is a power of attorney in place which will legally permit a family member to act for […]

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Can a Mentally Impaired Person Execute a Will?

                Mom has been diagnosed with dementia.  She doesn’t have any estate planning documents, such as a will, power of attorney or health care directive.  I am often asked, “Can Mom still execute these documents?  What level of capacity is needed?”                 The legal capacity needed to execute a will is actually a pretty low […]

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Robot & Frank – The Future of Elder Care?

A few years ago I wrote about a movie titled the Savages, which focused on the story of an elderly man suffering from dementia and his 2 children who were suddenly forced to care for him after his second wife had died.  Hollywood has just released a new movie that, perhaps, gives us a glimpse […]

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One of the Clearest Warning Signs of Dementia

            More often than not, the first call we receive about a prospective client who is facing long term care concerns comes from a child or other family member, rather than the senior client.  And so often the caller expresses surprise at recently discovering that Mom or Dad is slipping.  It is how that discovery […]

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