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Would You Skip Homeowner’s Insurance to Save a Few Thousand Dollars?

We were discussing our VA plan and how we have clients place assets into a trust, then qualify for VA benefits and guide families on how to spend the money in the trust so we can keep eligibility for New Jersey Medicaid should it be necessary.  “But, my brothers and I can hold onto the […]

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My Name is on Mom’s Checking Account (Part 1)

It’s an issue I deal with frequently as an elder law attorney.  Melissa tells me she has been handling Mom’s finances for several years.  She writes checks from Mom’s checking account and transfers funds from Mom’s other accounts, as needed, to pay the bills.  She says she does it because she has power of attorney.  […]

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COLA Increase Returns in 2012

The last 2 years have been especially tough on seniors, especially those on fixed incomes.  That’s because there has been no cost of living increase since 2009 so Social Security benefits for millions of Americans have remained the same.  Next year, however, the government has announced a 3.6% cost of living adjustment (COLA).  This means […]

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Be Nice to Me – I Pick Your Nursing Home!

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For several years now, many regular readers of this blog have offered me kind words and feedback on my weekly stories and interesting posts, suggesting that I write a book.  Well, I have finally taken their advice and am pleased to announce the publication of my first book, titled “Be Nice to Me – I Pick Your […]

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How Getting the Right Advice Can Save You $500,000

A recent client of ours presented the following very common fact pattern.  Jack and Diane are in their early 60’s.  Diane was diagnosed in her 50’s with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease and now needs nursing home care.  The couple have a primary home, a small vacation home at the Jersey shore and several hundred thousand […]

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The Problem of the Unmarried Siblings (Part 1)

Denise called me regarding her family.  Her mom was one of 10 children.  3 of the siblings had never married but lived together for many years in a home they owned together.  As they reached their 80’s the siblings’ health began to decline and Denise, as the closest family member, geographically and personally, began to […]

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Mary’s Dilemma – Don’t Let it Be Yours

Mary called me in desperation.  Her husband Bob had recently been hospitalized with heart problems.  He is also struggling with the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease.  Mary has been able to administer care to this point but it has taken its toll on her physically and mentally and her children are concerned about her health.  Mary […]

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How the Medicaid System Differs From the Criminal System

“Mom and Dad have always been big believers in paying cash for everything. They don’t use credit cards”, John tells me. “Don’t buy on credit”, they always said. While that’s a pretty sound financial approach, it can get Mom and Dad into hot water when it comes time to apply for Medicaid. That’s because the Medicaid system works very differently than the criminal system. Let me explain.

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