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What to Do When You Get a Medicaid Estate Recovery Letter

                Joe called us because he received a letter from Medicaid looking for money.  Dad had been on Medicaid for 3 years before he passed away.  New Jersey was looking to recoup benefits it paid out on Dad’s behalf to the tune of approximately $150,000.                 Joe received what is called an estate recovery letter.  […]

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An Abandoned Safe with $176,000 – Who’s the Rightful Owner?

Estate recovery is the process by which the State can seek reimbursement of Medicaid benefits it has paid during a person’s lifetime from assets of the probate estate after the Medicaid recipient dies.  But, if one must spend down to less than $2000 what is left for the state to recover, you may wonder.  There […]

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“But the Lady Said Medicaid is Gonna Take My House!!”

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It’s an issue we deal with often, especially in our married couple crisis planning cases.   We explain to clients how Medicaid works and engineer a plan to get the sick spouse Medicaid without putting the healthy spouse in the poor house.  The healthy spouse will keep the home.   This is reassuring to our clients.  But, […]

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