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What Exactly am I Authorized to Do with a POA? (Part 1)

                In my blog post this week I want to talk about the different types of powers of attorney and the confusion people sometimes have concerning what exactly each document allows them to do.  Although different people may choose to use different names, I prefer to categorize the ability each of us has to choose […]

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Hospital Escape Story – Part 2

                Last week I was telling you about a story related to me by a parent of children who just turned age 18 and which reinforced for her the importance of having proper legal documents in place now that would allow her to make important decisions for her children.                 So, where did everything go […]

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Health Care Directives and HIPAA Releases

     It’s a common mistake, confusing a health care directive and a HIPAA release.  Both are necessary but they are not identical.      First let’s look at a health care directive.  There are actually two types of directives, an instruction directive and a proxy directive, both of which are important.  An instruction directive is commonly […]

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