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How to Self Insure for Long Term Care (Part 2)

            Last week I was telling you about using your own money, what we call legacy assets, to self-insure for long term care.  This week I’ll walk you through an example of how that can work.             Mary is 73 years old.  She has high blood pressure, for which she takes medication but otherwise is […]

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Do You Know What’s in Your Long Term Care Insurance Policy? (Part 1)

      Bob’s dad, Jim can no longer stay in his home alone. His dementia is advancing and Bob is now ready to move Jim to an assisted living facility. Jim had always told Bob not to worry about how to pay for care if he needs it because he has a long term care insurance […]

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Little Known Law May Help Seniors Needing Long Term Care (Part 2)

                Last week we were discussing a little known law that can be a boon to seniors.  The Pension Protection Act of 2006 contains provisions that allow individuals to use their annuity cash value to purchase long term care coverage.  Let’s look at an example of how that can work.                 Bob is age 70 […]

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