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Tax Deductibility of Long Term Care Expenses (Part 2)

In last week’s post I was talking about the tax deductibility of long term care expenses.  Some medical expenses can be deducted from gross income before calculating any tax due and owing.  Long term care expenses can be deductible if within the definition set out by the IRS.  (See last week’s post) Let’s now look […]

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Tax Deductibility of Long Term Care Expenses – Part 1

When clients seek out our advice on preserving assets while being able to pay for long term care, we spend much time discussing government benefits such as Medicaid and the VA Aid and Attendance programs and ways to qualify for them. There is, however, another important aspect to consider. When using your own funds to […]

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What the New Tax Bill Means for Seniors

       Ok, now that the new tax bill has been passed by Congress and signed into law by President Trump how will it affect us?  Will it mean paying more or less in income tax?  The answer depends on many variables but one thing is for sure.  These changes don’t apply until 2018, […]

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