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Home for the Holidays

     Once again the holiday season is upon us, a time of joy but also stress.  We often visit family members we haven’t seen in some time and that’s when changes in older loved ones become more noticeable.  Some of the changes that may indicate your loved one needs some extra help: Weight loss […]

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Some Long Term Care Insurance Options You Probably Never Heard Of (Part 2)

                Last week I told you about Jim and Judy who had passed on the opportunity to buy long term care insurance years ago and are now too old to get it.   I told Jim that there are some options available to him and Judy, even now while in their late 70’s.                 Jim told […]

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Don’t Put Long Term Care Planning on the Backburner

Laura called us in a panic because her husband, George, was in a nursing home, about to have his Medicare coverage terminated.  George had no long term care insurance and Laura was totally unprepared for how Medicaid works and how much she would have to spend down.  I explained that we could help her preserve […]

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But Mom Won’t Live to 100 – or Will She? (Part 2)

Last week we were discussing Mary and her mom.  Mary opted not to do long term care planning for her mom at age 95.  At age 100 she called me again.  We met and Mary asked me, again about long term care planning.  I told her that Mom would need to live 5 years, now […]

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The Long Term Care Perfect Storm

Two articles in the local paper last week reminded me again of how a number of forces are combining in the coming months and years to really make the long term care issue an acute problem for many Americans, creating a “perfect storm” to use a popular phrase of recent years.  Here in New Jersey […]

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