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Why My Money is Really Our Money – Part 2

       In last week’s article I was discussing the common misunderstanding that spouses often have that the State can’t touch my assets if my spouse needs Medicaid. It’s simply not true and distresses people when I explain it. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to protect some or possibly all of those […]

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Medicaid and Annuities (Part 2)

       In last week’s blog, I started to tell you about annuities and how unique they are when we are considering Medicaid.  In order to achieve Medicaid eligibility, I must spend down my assets to below $2000 (married couple rules permit assets up to, in some cases, $120,900).        Remember that […]

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Solving Only One-Half of the Problem (Part 2)

                Last week I was telling you about a very typical call in our office.  Joe and Mary went to see an attorney to get their affairs in order when they learned that Mary had dementia.   It was a little more than 3 years later – when he could no longer care for Mary at […]

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