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Is Hiding Assets in Mom’s Name a Good Idea?

Jennifer told me that her mom’s health had been deteriorating over the past few years and that she would probably need home care soon, with nursing home level care a definite possibility in a few years, if not earlier.  She then told me that her marriage was “on the rocks” and she was placing her […]

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Is the VA Aid and Attendance Benefit Counted as Income?

           I get this question frequently.  Does New Jersey Medicaid count the VA benefit as income for eligibility purposes is more specifically the question.  The answer is “no, it is not”.  There is a specific Medicaid Communication (25 years old) that states that VA Aid & Attendance benefits are not counted as income.  Please […]

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“The Name on the Check” Rule

How does the state treat income in the case of a married Medicaid applicant?  Well, it depends on which Medicaid program we are talking about.  In the case of New Jersey’s 2 nursing home programs, Medicaid Only and Medically Needy, the applicant’s income is counted for purposes of eligibility but not the spouse’s.  Whoever’s name […]

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