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Would You Skip Homeowner’s Insurance to Save a Few Thousand Dollars?

We were discussing our VA plan and how we have clients place assets into a trust, then qualify for VA benefits and guide families on how to spend the money in the trust so we can keep eligibility for New Jersey Medicaid should it be necessary.  “But, my brothers and I can hold onto the […]

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No Luck with Medicaid? VA to the Rescue

Karl had been in an assisted living facility for several years and doing well there.  His family felt fortunate.  Although Karl didn’t have much in the way of assets he did have income from Social Security and a pension, totaling $5000.  He also had a long term care insurance policy that was paying $2500 a […]

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COLA Increase Returns in 2012

The last 2 years have been especially tough on seniors, especially those on fixed incomes.  That’s because there has been no cost of living increase since 2009 so Social Security benefits for millions of Americans have remained the same.  Next year, however, the government has announced a 3.6% cost of living adjustment (COLA).  This means […]

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