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New Medicaid and VA Figures for 2020 (Part 1)

The Social Security Administration announced last month the cost of living adjustment for 2020. This adjustment is also applied to many of the government programs besides Social Security, that affect our clients’ lives. So here it is. Following an increase last year of 2.8%, this year the increase is smaller, only 1.6%. In December, Social […]

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Is There Any Government Benefit Program I Am Not Aware Of? (Part 2)

                In last week’s post I related a common question about government benefits – “is there something out there in the way of benefits that we could get that we’re just not aware of”?                 Most recently, a son, whose dad is in a nursing home already receiving Medicaid benefits, asked me this question.  His […]

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New VA Rules Effective 10/18/18 (Part 2)

                In last week’s post, I reviewed some major changes to the VA Aid and Attendance program.  The one that gets the most attention for obvious reasons is the imposition of a 3 year look back and penalty period.  This will restrict immediate access to the benefit for many veterans, at least those that don’t […]

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