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            Mary called because her mom was in a nursing home paying $11,000 per month. Her sister, Terry, disabled and living with Mom for many years, had her own health problems and was now living in a group home.             I asked about her mom’s finances. Mary told me she owned

            Last week I was explaining the problem with IRAs and long term care.  If you need care at $125,000 per year or more but want to protect your IRA, what are your options?  It’s always easiest to illustrate by way of an example.             Bill has an IRA worth $1.2

            IRAs, or any retirement accounts really, have always been a problem when it comes to long term care.  They are a great vehicle for accumulating wealth.  You can put away savings in an account which will earn interest on a tax deferred basis.  No income tax is paid on

            Last week I was telling you about George’s problem.  He had transferred his home to a trust to protect it but then received a letter from the bank referring to something called the due on transfer clause.             A transfer of title without permission could trigger the bank’s entitlement to