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            To follow up on the same topic of the past two weeks, transferring the home, recently we received a call from George regarding the transfer of his home to a trust.  He received a letter from the bank holding his mortgage, stating something about the due on transfer clause.            

            More often than not, the calls we receive in our office concerning a long term care crisis are made by one or more of the adult children of the senior in failing health.  We ask whether there is a power of attorney in place which will legally permit a

                George called me because his wife, Mary wasn’t doing well.  She has dementia and he is facing the prospect of needing long term care for her, possibly in a nursing home, although he would like to do everything possible to keep her at home.                 As the conversation always does,

                About a month ago, my parents’ health took a sudden turn and it led me down the path that many of our clients and their families face, tackling long term care.   In our case, it was an accident outside their home.  My mom broke her leg.  My dad suffered