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                This week’s blog post topic is one I touched on briefly at the end of last year, required minimum distribution.  It is something that applies to retirement or nonqualified accounts and comes up frequently with clients who sometimes misunderstand it.  IRAs, 401ks and other retirement accounts are tax deferred

       In today’s world, change comes at a pretty rapid rate.  That is certainly true when it comes to our assets and financial accounts.  Many people move jobs and change financial institutions frequently.  It is easy to understand how assets can be overlooked or forgotten.  Maybe I never

            Last week I was talking about changes in loved ones we may notice around holiday time, simply because we may be returning home after some time away.  So what can or should you do about it?             A physical and neurological exam should identify any medical issues. A Geriatric Care Manager (GCM)

Once again the holiday season is upon us, a time of joy but also stress.  I’ve written about this issue in the past but it bears repeating.  We often visit family members we haven’t seen in some time and that’s when changes in older loved ones become more noticeable.  Some

            Last week I was telling you how Joe got scammed.  He paid money to increase his odds of winning a Publisher’s Clearinghouse prize.  It was all a lie and he lost more than $22,000 which he wired to an overseas account.             His children were as upset about it as

      6 months ago I wrote about some common scams that target seniors. Here's another one that doesn't just prey on seniors but really on anyone who is struggling financially.       Joe received numerous phone calls from Publisher's Clearinghouse. That's the company that many of us remember because Ed McMahon was