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                In this week’s post I focus back on Medicaid.  As I often tell people, every year it seems that securing Medicaid approvalsis increasingly difficult.  There are more ways to be tripped up by the complex and often confusing rules and regulations.  Many of the problems stem from keeping Medicaid

       In this week’s post I give you the conclusion to John’s saga with Medicaid. As you will recall, we have applied for Medicaid for John’s sister, Mary. In reviewing the 5 years of records which we must submit to the State, we found that John’s brother, Jerry

       In last week’s post I told you about John’s call about Medicaid for his sister, Mary. During our review of her 5 years of financial records we discovered transfers of funds while their brother, Jerry was handling her finances. Jerry admitted that he took the money without

                The call from John involved another crisis planning case.  His sister, Mary was already in a nursing home and had a minimal amount of assets remaining to be spent down.  Before entering the facility she had lived for many years with her other brother, Jerry. Although she was able to

       In my blog post last week, I disclosed some of the important numbers that change year to year with respect to the Medicaid and VA Aid and Attendance programs that we work to obtain for many of our clients. Here are the rest of the important numbers

       The cost of living adjustment for 2019 for many of the government programs that affect our clients’ lives has been announced so here they are.        For 2019, the Social Security Administration announced that Social Security recipients will receive an increase of 2.8%, which is greater

                In last week’s post I told you about Joe’s problem.  He needed to apply for Medicaid for his sister, Sophie.  His sister, Mary, however, had told him that she took some of Sophie’s money and spent it herself.  He had confirmed at least $100,000 and counting.                 As I explained