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     Once again the holiday season is upon us, a time of joy but also stress.  We often visit family members we haven’t seen in some time and that’s when changes in older loved ones become more noticeable.  Some of the changes that may indicate your loved one needs

Each year, many of the programs that, as elder law attorneys, we deal with daily, such as VA Aid and Attendance and Medicaid, are adjusted for inflation through a cost of living adjustment. In the past month the Social Security Administration announced that Social Security recipients will receive a 1.7% increase

                So it has finally happened.  Effective last Monday, December 1, New Jersey no longer is offering its Medically Needy program to individuals in need of nursing home level care.                 What this change does is effectively make Medicaid benefits possible to those at home and in assisted living facilities as

                Last week we were discussing whether and under what circumstance a person who is mentally impaired can execute a will.  So what happens if a person dies without a will?  How are assets passed in that case?                 New Jersey has a law that predetermines how assets are passed in

                Mom has been diagnosed with dementia.  She doesn’t have any estate planning documents, such as a will, power of attorney or health care directive.  I am often asked, “Can Mom still execute these documents?  What level of capacity is needed?”                 The legal capacity needed to execute a will is