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            At some point in time, Memorial Day has become a holiday that signifies the unofficial beginning of summer.  Of course, it is a much more important day than that.  It is a time to honor those who fought and died in the service of the United States of America.            

            A recent story that made the news and spread quickly via the Internet reminds us of the importance of having a support system in place because you just never know when you might need it.             In this case it came from a very unlikely source.  A Domino’s Pizza shop

            Last week I was telling you about the problem 529 plans pose for Medicaid.  Maria called me to handle her dad, George’s Medicaid application.  George had set up 529 plans for Maria’s daughters.  Are those accounts countable assets subject to Medicaid’s spend down rules?             Last week I explained that

            Maria asked me to handle the Medicaid application that needed to be filed on behalf of her father, George.  We went over the assets he has left to spend down.  That’s when Maria told me that George had set up 529 plans for his granddaughters.  “Do we have to