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       Last week I was telling you about a call I received about the benefits of an Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) account vs. a special needs trust (SNT).  Joan called about her sister Mary, who is receiving an inheritance from their uncle’s estate.  Mary is in

       I received a call from Joan.  She told me that her sister Mary is named as an heir to part of their uncle’s estate.  Mary is disabled and living in a group home.  Joan was concerned that the inheritance Mary would receive of approximately $200,000 would jeopardize

       Last week I was explaining what happens to abandoned or unclaimed property.  New Jersey has in its possession more than $1 billion of property that people have abandoned, usually because they have forgotten about the accounts.  Nationwide, there is well over $50 billion in unclaimed funds.  Financial

       In today’s world, change comes at a pretty rapid rate.  That is certainly true when it comes to our assets and financial accounts.  Many people move jobs and change financial institutions frequently.  It is easy to understand how assets can be overlooked or forgotten.  Maybe I never