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                Everyone loves their pet.  We spend millions in pet products and vet bills each year and that number seems to increase every year.  A question I increasingly am asked is what happens to my pet when I pass away?  What are my options in terms of providing a safe

      Do a search online and you can quickly find advertisements for websites and software that will help you prepare your own will and other legal documents.  Some choose this option to save the legal fees.  But is this being “penny wise but pound foolish”?             Estate planning is as much

                Mom has been diagnosed with dementia.  She doesn’t have any estate planning documents, such as a will, power of attorney or health care directive.  I am often asked, “Can Mom still execute these documents?  What level of capacity is needed?”                 The legal capacity needed to execute a will is

                Mary called after her husband, John had died.   She had questions about his will and his 401k.   Mary was John’s second wife and he had two daughters from his first marriage.  Between his first and second marriages, John had designated his daughters as the beneficiaries of his life insurance