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In last week’s post I explained the differences between domestic partnership, civil union and marriage when talking about the rights of same sex couples. So how does this impact the issues faced by aging LGBT seniors? Married vs. single has an impact on taxes. Different thresholds and rates apply to married

In past blog posts I have written about the changes in the demographic makeup of our aging population and the issues they face.  The LGBT community encompasses lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.  Historically, this community has experienced disapproval of and discrimination against its members although much has changed in

                In last week’s blog post I covered the basics of how required minimum distribution (RMD) rules work for IRAs and other tax deferred retirement accounts.  To summarize you must take out a minimum amount from your account each year.  That’s RMD and it starts in the year you turn

       In last week's post I focused on an increasingly common family arrangement in which -for several different reasons - grandparents who expected to retire and live a more leisurely lifestyle instead find themselves caring for their grandchildren.        This often starts as a temporary solution but