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                In last week’s blog post I covered the basics of how required minimum distribution (RMD) rules work for IRAs and other tax deferred retirement accounts.  To summarize you must take out a minimum amount from your account each year.  That’s RMD and it starts in the year you turn

       In last week’s post I was telling you about a call I received revealing a very common misconception about Medicaid. Julie will lose her alimony payments in 6 months, dropping her income from $5000 per month down to $1000 per month. She is 69 years old and

                Two weeks ago John Hancock, one of the largest providers of long term care insurance announced it is withdrawing from the market.  It will stop selling new long term care insurance policies.  John Hancock currently has sold more than 1.2 million policies nationwide.                 What does it all mean?  Hancock