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            Last week I was telling you about the problem 529 plans pose for Medicaid.  Maria called me to handle her dad, George’s Medicaid application.  George had set up 529 plans for Maria’s daughters.  Are those accounts countable assets subject to Medicaid’s spend down rules?             Last week I explained that

It’s a scenario we’ve seen frequently of late.  Mom’s mental health had been declining for some time.  Rachel called because Mom’s savings are almost exhausted and she needs nursing home care.  Rachel knows she must apply for Mediciaid.  And then Rachel told me about her recent discovery.  Rachel only in the

Last week we were talking about Charlie and Doris.  We were in the midst of spending down assets and preparing to file a Medicaid application for Charlie, a nursing home resident, when he passed away.  So no need to do anything further as far as long term care planning –