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            When having a conversation about long term care and qualifying for Medicaid, every so often the topic turns to paying a family member to care for Mom or Dad. Is it a permitted Medicaid spend down?             In many cases the discussion occurs after the services have already been provided

            It’s something I always remind clients when we talk about Medicaid eligibility.  Meeting the income and asset limits are not the only requirements.   An applicant must also be medically eligible.              What does that mean?  An applicant must establish the need for nursing home level

If I owe someone money but it’s still in my account do I really still own it?  Would the answer be different if that “someone” is the IRS? June called me concerning her dad.  “He’s in a nursing home and has spent down his assets,” she said.  “I applied for Medicaid

You may be a fan of Superman or, like me, Seinfeld, and so are familiar with the term “bizarro” or “bizarro world”.   The term is part of popular culture.  Wikipedia’s definition is a weirdly mutilated version of anything.  I am fond of telling clients that entering the “Medicaid world” means