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In my blog post last week I wrote about 1st party special needs trusts, which are helpful in maintaining Medicaid benefits for someone who may receive an unexpected inheritance or the proceeds of a personal injury settlement.  1st party SNTs, however, can only be funded when the beneficiary is under age

We have recently received a number of calls inquiring about Medicaid compliant annuities.  Similar to QITs which I wrote about here a couple of months ago, there is much misunderstanding of what is and is not a Medicaid compliant annuity (MCA) and when it can be used.  First, let’s clearly define an

       In last week’s blog, I started to tell you about annuities and how unique they are when we are considering Medicaid.  In order to achieve Medicaid eligibility, I must spend down my assets to below $2000 (married couple rules permit assets up to, in some cases, $120,900).