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As I have written about frequently in this blog, many of the Medicaid numbers are updated annually.  Most but not all are adjusted in lock step with Social Security’s cost of living adjustment (COLA).  One Medicaid number that doesn’t adjust with Social Security is the Medicaid penalty divisor.  That is the number by

The Medicaid Spend Down Scramble - Part 2 In my blog post last week, I wrote about the rushed process of spending down assets to achieve Medicaid eligibility for one spouse without severely impoverishing the other non-Medicaid “community spouse”.  While maximizing what that spouse can keep - what is known as exempt

Last month in this blog I updated you on some of the new Social Security and Medicare numbers for 2024.  The recently announced cost of living adjustment (COLA) of 3.2% has resulted in a much smaller benefit increase than the past 2 years. Many other federal programs are tied to the Social