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                In last week’s blog post I covered the basics of how required minimum distribution (RMD) rules work for IRAs and other tax deferred retirement accounts.  To summarize you must take out a minimum amount from your account each year.  That’s RMD and it starts in the year you turn

                Another article, this time in the Wall Street Journal caught my eye the other day.  It’s about how this country is running out of family caregivers at a time when the need for those caregivers is increasing.               Some of my recent posts have included statistics showing the continued trend

                I have written in past blog posts about how best to approach the topic of long term care with a parent or elderly loved one.  There are no two situations that are exactly alike so there is no one best way to handle the delicate subject.  It is especially

                Joe called me because the hospital social worker suggested it.  His wife, Mary had been in the hospital but was now ready to be discharged.  However, Joe was just now coming to the realization that Mary can’t go home.  He just is not capable of caring for her any