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What Exactly am I Authorized to Do with a POA? (Part 1)

                In my blog post this week I want to talk about the different types of powers of attorney and the confusion people sometimes have concerning what exactly each document allows them to do.  Although different people may choose to use different names, I prefer to categorize the ability each of us has to choose […]

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Resistance to Power of Attorney – Part 2

                Last week’s post again addressed the use of powers of attorney and specifically the problem of encountering resistance by a financial institution.  As I explained, many financial institutions prefer that customers sign their own form of power of attorney and do so in front of one of their employees.  This is for their protection […]

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Sobering Story About Lack of POA

       June is a month for celebrations.  Whether it’s friends or family it seems there is always a prom, high school or college graduation or wedding to celebrate every year.  It’s the good stuff in life.  While I certainly don’t want to ruin the party, this week I do want to share a call we […]

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I’ve Been Named Agent Under POA – Now What Do I Do? (Part 2)

Last week we were talking about Harry and Wilma.   They designated me as their agent under power of attorney, asking me to take over handling their financial affairs.  They moved into a nursing home and I now had to figure out how to pay for it. Harry and Wilma were able to tell me that […]

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My Name is on Mom’s Checking Account (Part 2)

Last week we were discussing Melissa and her mom.    Melissa has been handling Mom’s finances for several years as agent under Power of Attorney – or so she thought.  We discovered that actually Melissa is a co-owner on the account.  She can still write checks, pay Mom’s bills, and access her account so does it […]

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My Name is on Mom’s Checking Account (Part 1)

It’s an issue I deal with frequently as an elder law attorney.  Melissa tells me she has been handling Mom’s finances for several years.  She writes checks from Mom’s checking account and transfers funds from Mom’s other accounts, as needed, to pay the bills.  She says she does it because she has power of attorney.  […]

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