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A continuation of last week’s topic concerns protecting the home when applying for Medicaid.  I explained that John’s daughter, Amy should not have to sell her Dad’s home and spend down the proceeds before qualifying for Medicaid if Amy is living in the home and she intends to bring him

In this week’s post I give you the conclusion to Joe’s saga involving his sister Sophie’s Medicaid application.  As I explained in last week’s post, things didn’t go according to our expectation.  When we filed a civil lawsuit seeking to collect the amounts Mary took from Sophie I expected that

       In this week’s post I give you the conclusion to John’s saga with Medicaid. As you will recall, we have applied for Medicaid for John’s sister, Mary. In reviewing the 5 years of records which we must submit to the State, we found that John’s brother, Jerry

       In last week’s post I told you about John’s call about Medicaid for his sister, Mary. During our review of her 5 years of financial records we discovered transfers of funds while their brother, Jerry was handling her finances. Jerry admitted that he took the money without

                The call from John involved another crisis planning case.  His sister, Mary was already in a nursing home and had a minimal amount of assets remaining to be spent down.  Before entering the facility she had lived for many years with her other brother, Jerry. Although she was able to

       In last week's post I focused on an increasingly common family arrangement in which -for several different reasons - grandparents who expected to retire and live a more leisurely lifestyle instead find themselves caring for their grandchildren.        This often starts as a temporary solution but